The Tiny Tots combo class is a 1 hour class with creative movement, forming the beginnings of Jazz, Classical ballet & Tap dancing.  As they dance to their favorite music, our Tiny Tots will learn to improve their rhythm, timing, concentration skills and dance technique in a structured, disciplined and fun environment.  Our very experienced and nurturing Tiny Tots teacher Pam Guest, will create a fun & happy class  for your child to take his or hers first professional dance steps. .



Want to make music with your feet? Tap is a great workout especially for the butt and legs.  Tap is a fun and energetic class using your feet to make sounds to create rhythm and patterns which improve overall co-ordination, timing and musicality. Get down and pump out the sounds. Easy to learn no matter what age!



After a thorough strength and stretch warm up, you will be taught how to forward roll, backward roll, hand stand, head stand, cart wheel, round off, back flip and much much more! Who doesn’t want to do that? Acrobatics is fun, energetic and great for fitness.  Come along and stretch your experience of your body.



Classical ballet provides a great grounding for all other dance styles. It is a much disciplined art form, which requires students to be attentive and focused.  Ballet is the ultimate when it comes to the control of your body. It is easy to learn at every age and will help improve Posture, muscle tone, flexibility, core strength and artistic expression. Each class will start at the barre’ and then move into the centre. Ask any professional Jazz/Contemporary/Hip Hop dancer and they will advise to take Classical Ballet.



This is a style anyone can learn, no prior training is necessary. Movement in Hip Hop classes is based on current trends in the dance industry most of which can be seen in today’s video hits or TV shows. Hip Hop offers its own set of skills, terminology and acquired strength to execute its many intricate moves! Dancers that do this class love it and often come out in a sweat so bring a water bottle and a towel! For some it is a way of life with its own culture.



Want to improve your flexibility? Stretch class is dedicated to getting your body in optimum condition. Everyone can benefit from this class, regardless of your current level of flexibility. Each class begins with a simple warm up to get the blood pumping and then moves into a series of stretches. You will begin by stretching on your own, working within your own limits. The class also includes partner work for a deeper, more intense stretch. If you commit to this class, you will defiantly see an improvement in your overall flexibility and core strength.



Contemporary is an expressive dance form with a free, artistic and creative feel. Contemporary draws a lot of its technique from classical ballet but unlike ballet, contemporary often focuses on floor work and dancers will usually perform with bare feet. Principles of contemporary dance include centering, alignment, gravity, contraction, release and suspension. It also uses expression and emotion to portray images, lyrics and feelings.



With a combined emphasis on acting, singing and dance, Musical Theatre classes are designed to teach repertoires from famous shows and musicals while also understanding stagecraft and stage terminology.  After a technical Jazz warm up you will learn similar routines to that you would see in shows such as Fame, West Side Story, Chicago, just to name a few. Great fun!



A sharp and energetic style of dance. The routine you will learn in this class is similar to what you will see in music video clips. The music really governs how the routine will develop. This style feels great when you get it!



After a thorough warm up you will learn a more technical style of dance in this class. Pirouettes, Kicks, Leaps and Tricks. You will then learn a routine to current and popular music. Jazz Technique is a great workout and is great if you really want to work on the more technical aspects of dance. As dancers advance, they will gain a working knowledge of terminology and its accurate execution.



This class is an introduction to the technical elements of theatrical dance production. Routines taught in this class will include Sets, Props, and Various dance styles, Costume / Music changes and their relation to each other.



This class is for the experienced dance students who wish to perform regularly in shows, gigs, events and competitions. Students with passion, dedication, excellent attitude and displaying a high level of dance skill are invited to join our performers group. A highly disciplined class where a number of routines will be taught, drilled and rehearsed week after week. This class will only suit the dedicated student who has an intense passion for Performance.



Drama class is an introduction to the basic elements of Acting. Students train in exercises and theatre games to develop concentration, imagination and Improvisation. The class will encourage physical freedom and teach stage craft, “moment to moment” spontaneity and a specific approach to researching and rehearsing a contemporary scene and monologue. This entry-level class focuses on the development of a dramatic production.


  • Commercial Jazz
  • R.A.D. Ballet
  • Hip Hop
  • Modern Tap
  • Contemporary
  • Acrobatics
  • Tumbling
  • Aerial Silks
  • Drama
  • Vocal & Singing
  • Musical Theatre
  • Stretch & Conditioning
  • Balancing & Stunting
  • Burlesque
  • Pole
  • Lyrical
  • Tiny Tots
  • Performers Classes



1        CLASS     PER WEEK  = $150.00

2       CLASSES PER WEEK = $290.00

3       CLASSES PER WEEK = $390.00

4       CLASSES PER WEEK = $510.00

5       CLASSES PER WEEK = $600.00

6       CLASSES PER WEEK = $660.00

7       CLASSES PER WEEK = $690.00

8       CLASSES PER WEEK = $730.00

9       CLASSES PER WEEK = $760.00

10  CLASSES PER WEEK = $770.00

11  CLASSES PER WEEK = $790.00

12  + CLASSES P  WEEK = $820.00

If an invoice is not issued, fees can still be paid according to the fee structure. There are NO REFUNDS or CREDITS given for missed group classes. Fees are payable by Credit Card – Eftpos – Cash -Paid directly into the Triple Talent bank account outlined on your invoice or by setting up a Direct Debit payment schedule.                                                                                                                                                     

A 10% DISCOUNT WILL APPLY IF FEES ARE PAID IN FULL BY THE END OF WEEK ONE OF EACH TERM.                                                                                                                                                            


10 CLASS PASS  $150.00                                         

(Can be used over consecutive terms)


2ND CHILD 15% 

3RD CHILD 20%              



  • PRIVATE LESSONS                  $35.00 PER ½ HOUR
  • DUO LESSONS                 each $20.00 PER ½ HOUR
  • TRIO LESSONS                each $13.00 PER ½ HOUR
  • PRIVATE/DUO/TRIO LESSON FEES are to be paid on the date of the lesson.
  • 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of a private/duo or trio lesson.                                           
  • A music fee of $10 is payable for each routine which includes editing costs, APRA license fees and 2 CD’s.

D/D   PAYMENT SCHEDULE 2017                                                                                                                                          

 If fees are not paid in full by the first week of each term you will need to go onto the Direct Debit payment schedule


1         CLASS     PER WEEK(50 week payment plan)   = $12.90 per week

2         CLASSES PER WEEK(50 week payment plan)   = $23.70 per week

3         CLASSES PER WEEK(50 week payment plan)   = $32.50 per week

4         CLASSES PER WEEK(50 week payment plan)   = $41.30 per week

5         CLASSES PER WEEK(50 week payment plan)   = $49.00 per week

6         CLASSES PER WEEK(50 week payment plan)   = $53.80 per week

7         CLASSES PER WEEK(50 week payment plan)   = $57.80 per week

8         CLASSES PER WEEK(50 week payment plan)    = $59.40 per week

9         CLASSES PER WEEK(50 week payment plan)   = $62.80 per week

10     CLASSES PER WEEK(50 week payment plan)   = $63.60 per week

11     CLASSES PER WEEK(50 week payment plan)   = $65.20 per week

12     + OVER CLASSES PW(50 week payment plan) = $67.60 per week

 Each term runs as per Queensland public school terms. 

Classes may NOT be held on public holidays


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